We are a team of professionals dedicated to innovate solutions for the occupational hazards faced everyday.

We supply products for the protection of Head, Eye, Face, Ear, Respiratory, Body, Hand & Foot besides fall protection.

Our other services include building safety products like CI cables, multimedia based training & support, fire safety products supply, execution and training.

Our Vision

Phoenix safety wishes to serve its customers by training and guiding them on selection and usage of personal protective products.

Support them by timely supply of quality products which will justify the money spent on acquiring them.

We are keen to protect and safeguard human resources with all possible means thereby increasing productivity by reduced accidents and absenteeism.

We partner with our customers in developing customized products for special situations by constant research and experiments.

Yearly over 48000 workers die because of occupational accidents in India, and almost 37 million occupational accidents occur which cause at least 3 days absence from work.
The fatality rate is 11.4 per 100000 workers and accident rate is 8700 per 100000 workers.

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