Safe Buildings

What Happens during a Fire?

On March 12, 1994, a fire broke out in a retirement community apartment in Deleware, Ohio.

Even though Smoke detectors located near the common area detected the fire, and the fire alarm systems actuated. The FIRE quickly impinged on the surface-mounted metal raceway and damaged the fire alarm wiring. Because fire alarm stopped operating shortly after starting, some residents believed a system malfunction, so they didn’t evacuate. By the time the residents realized there was an actual fire, it had grown large enough to block their exits and Resulted in death of Two residents.

Why Circuit Integrity is Important?

With the advent of high-rise building, fire protection of electrical life safety conductors became extremely important. These critical circuits are required to be protected from FIRE.

Power Supply Circuit Integrity is required for two essential fire protection functions
Facilitating Safe Egress for occupants and
Fire fighting Equipment Functioning.

What buildings are Critical?

Typical Applications requiring Circuit Integrity feeders
dt High-rise buildings
dt Hospitals and other Medical Establishments
dt Historic buildings
dt Emergency Lighting in Subways, Tunnels and Rail ways
dt Emergency Supply for Ventilation Systems in Subways, Tunnels etc.
dt Airports, stadiums, hotels, banks, etc.

Circuit Integrity Cables?

dt Withstands Temperature up to 950oC for 3Hours

dt Maintains Power to Critical Circuits to Function

Yearly over 48000 workers die because of occupational accidents in India, and almost 37 million occupational accidents occur which cause at least 3 days absence from work.
The fatality rate is 11.4 per 100000 workers and accident rate is 8700 per 100000 workers.

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