Fire Safety

Fire safety has been one of the ignored segments in our society like investing in insurance, as it has got no tangible return on immediate effect. That’s why when actual fire emergency strikes us, most of us remain unprepared in terms of fighting measure and knowledge.

Phoenix Safety wishes to make our society aware of the hazards and train them to fight the fire and keep them equipped with appropriate products to protect life and property.

Products in fire safety

Projects – Fire Prevention and Fighting (Engineering design and execution)
Fire hydrant system
dot Water sprinkler
dot Fire detection system with manual call point, hooter and public announcement facility
dot CO2 or clean agent flooding system
dot Integration of different fire prevention and fighting system

Maintenance of – Fire Prevention and Fighting system
dot Annual maintenance contract of all kind of fire prevention and fighting facility
     :- All kinds of fire extinguishers
     :- Pump house and hydrant system
     :- Fire detection system
     :- Water sprinkler
     :- Auto extinguishing systems
dot Re-engineering / Up-gradation of old system
dot Supply of spares

Trading - fire extinguishers (ISI / CE Marked)
dot Dry chemical powder
dot Water CO2
dot CO2
dot ABC (stored pressure)
dot AFFF Foam
dot Clean agent
dot Ceiling mounted CO2 / Clean agent (All sizes available)

Training on fire prevention and fighting

dot Emergency preparedness
dot Operating fire extinguishers
dot Operating fire hydrant
dot Mock drill

Yearly over 48000 workers die because of occupational accidents in India, and almost 37 million occupational accidents occur which cause at least 3 days absence from work.
The fatality rate is 11.4 per 100000 workers and accident rate is 8700 per 100000 workers.

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